Campus computing account and passphrase information

Your campus computing account is your key to accessing nearly all UC Davis computing services, including email and class registration. If you don't yet have a computing account, or can't remember your LoginID or passphrase, call the IT Express Computing Services Help Desk at 530-754-HELP (4357). You may also sign up for an account online at

Computer ownership

The campus expects every student to own a computer that meets certain minimum performance standards, posted at and updated each spring. Computers that meet or exceed these specifications are widely available, including on campus at the UC Davis Stores' TechHUB. If you qualify for need-based financial aid, you may apply for additional funding to pay for these systems through the Financial Aid Office.

You do not necessarily need to bring a printer, especially if you live in student housing, where you may use printers in the dorms' computer centers. Printers are available in various computer rooms on campus.

Accessing the Internet

If you live on campus, you can get online from your room using the residence hall network, either ResnetX (wireless, available in common areas and most dorms) or Resnet (wired). Students in dorms that still rely on Resnet can install wireless routers; consult Residential Computing Support for more information. Wireless access to the campus network is available on much of the campus. Check the UC Davis map for coverage and computer room locations (in the menu to the left of the online map, check the “Buildings with Wireless Access” and “Student Computer Rooms” boxes to see wireless and computer room locations).


Protect yourself from computer viruses, hackers, and identity thieves. Visit the security website for information on UC Davis security efforts, plus instructions on how to prevent phishing scams, compromised passwords, identity theft, and other problems. The campus software site has information about anti-virus software.

Campus computer rooms

Open-access computer rooms on offer access to the Internet and to software programs used in UC Davis courses. Drop in whenever they’re open. Check the computer room schedule for times, and the campus map for building locations (check the “Student Computer Rooms” box on the left to see computer room locations).

Also available:

Some campus departments also have computer rooms. Check with the department's main offices for availability and locations.

MyUCDavis, SmartSite, DavisMail, and SISWeb

The MyUCDavis portal offers students secure access to email, academic information, and other campus services. SmartSite is the campus learning management system, used with most classes. DavisMail is your Google-powered campus email account. Through it you have access to a host of Google Apps, including Calendar, Chat, Talk, Docs, and Sites. SISWeb allows you to enroll in classes, and view, adjust and print your class schedule. You can also use SISWeb to view your student account, change your address, view your financial aid status and print your unofficial academic record.


TechNews is an information service for people who use campus technology, but aren’t necessarily technologists. Sample the service by visiting the TechNews website, where you may also sign up for a periodic email with headlines of recent TechNews items.

File sharing

File-sharing, and downloading music or other digital media, needs to comply with copyright law. Visit the Get Legal page to help you better understand your rights and responsibilities as a UC Davis student.

Tech support

The IT Express Computing Services Help Desk provides assistance with many topics, including software, campus Internet access, and activating and accessing your UC Davis email and computing accounts. Call 530-754-HELP (4357). IT Express also posts how-to articles in the xbase knowledge base, available anytime.